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finally showing my face

What's your name? Callan
Why'd you decide to see Mean Creek? Trevor Morgan. Period. He's been on my fave actors list since I was 11
Who was your favourite character? I have to say Sam. Rory gave that character something extra special that I'm sure no one else could have achieved. Second is George. I always thought Josh Peck was a one dementional actor (see "Max Keeble" and "drake and josh") but he absolutely stole this movie. He's phenominal.
What was your favourite scene? I have to say the scene by the waterfall in the car. I also love the scenes after George dies. The eerie serenity of the situation is astounding. I also am a huge fan of "It's like cow tipping, only we spank." and I tend to use "squeel, piggy, squeel!" in daily conversation.
What did you think of the movie overall? I cry everytime.It still takes my breath away.
Anything you would change? I really wanted to know what happened to the kids after they found George's body. I remember the first time I watched it I was waiting and waiting to see what happened to them and then i was kind of left empty. But after watching it so many times, the hanging just makes the story more powerful
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