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fan vid

Title: A Year Ago
Song: Possession (Piano)// Sarah McLachlan
Warning: Slash & death (George)
Clips used: Mean Creek & Peaceful Warrior
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, no money made
Summary: In a AU, George after verbal abusing Marty and Rocky for their relationship together, Marty is on the run after Rocky accidently killed George on the boat trip, working at a gas station now, he keeps remembering his relationship (slashy) with Rocky. He's confusing reality with illusion. Now, he lies in the hospital bed, after a car accident, he has to choose to either fight for his life or die.
A/N: I don't know what happen to Rocky--I leave to whatever you thought happen to him at the end of the movie, Mean Creak.

youtube | Download (ask me if you want a download link)
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