horseygal42 (horseygal42) wrote in meancreek,

I've been lurking around in this community for a while, swooning over all the awesome icons and fan stuff, and finally decided to join and introduce my self, and hopefuly help to bring this place back to life!

Whats your name? Becky

Why'd you decide to see Mean Creek? The synopsis reminded me of a book I read that I relly liked, Mean creek turned out to be way better than that book.

Who was your favorite character? Have to say Clyde. Not sure why, I just loved Ryan Kelley's character in this.

What was your favorite scene? When Marty, Rocky and Clyde are in the car by the waterfall, Marty says that thing about Clyde's fathers so he gets out of the car and Rocky follows him and tries to get him to ignore what Marty said and starts goofing around to get him to cheer up.

Any thing you would change? Nope.
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